Consulting Services For Digital Archiving Solutions From paper documents to business ready data

Consulting for Digitization Projects

IID S.A. offers holistic solutions of digital archiving (turn-key solutions), which include hardware, software and Image Scanning & Indexing Services in order to create digital files. In addition, we are able to provide you with full analysis, design and implementation of any project of scanning and digital archiving, on the grounds of consulting services. The aforementioned services are provided to businesses and organizations, which intent either to automate the manual process of archiving that they follow or to improve the already automated one, if it exists. Whichever is the state of automation of archiving withing the organization, IID S.A. is capable to take over its completion, given our experience and specialization at both managing printed information and its conversion to digital one.

Stages of Consulting Services

Analysis of Archiving Needs
Analysis and recording of the needs and particularity of the Archiving project.
Create Implementation Proposals
Design of solutions and definition of specifications, according to the needs of every project.
Evaluation of Alternative Solutions
Technical evaluation of all the alternative proposals and selection of the best solution.
Implementation and Supervision
Implementation of the digital archiving project and supervision of hardware and Software installation.
Import of Already Existed Documents
Import of paper and digital information into the digital archiving system.
Quality Control of the System
Control and maintenance of the new digital archiving system, in order to cope with potential technical or managerial problems.